Case Study

ITS Maintenance Project

Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development

Intelligent Transportation Systems LLC, is a proud team member of the ITS Maintenance Project for the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. Since the beginning of the ITS Maintenance Project in Louisiana, ITS LLC has helped to increase the reliability of field devices and continues to ensure the accuracy of all managed inventory. The goals of the ITS Maintenance Project are continually met through a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan.

Initial site visits showed poorly maintained ITS equipment, with a wide variety of problems. After one year of preventative maintenance, ITS LLC has helped to increase the overall system reliability of over two hundred sites from sixty six percent to nearly one hundred percent. ITS LLC has helped the LADOTD achieve this level of system reliability by performing regularly scheduled site visits in intervals to maintain equipment in operating condition while providing systematic inspection to correct failures before they occur. Maintenance activities include checking the functionality of the equipment, the cleaning of all site components, testing site equipment for verification, recording site information for use on future visits, and periodic repair of components as needed. As changes to site inventory take place due to periodic repair, all inventory is documented and changed in the inventory management system.

At the start of the ITS Maintenance Project in Louisiana a viable inventory management system was not in place. ITS LLC has helped to revitalize the inventory management system by tagging and documenting field devices on a site by site basis. Because inventory tracking is a major component of the ITS Maintenance Project, all inventory procedures are handled in a concise and organized way. Through the use of standard forms, transmittals, reports, and signatures all ITS devices are now tracked in the inventory management system until the item is marked out of service.

With years of experience in all aspects of the industry, ITS LLC has the resources and capability to maintain the functionality of intelligent transportation systems.

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