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CCTV Traffic Cameras

Cameras play a large part in monitoring traffic and they provide a safety element for the user. ITS LLC is factory trained and authorized by both Cohu and Pelco. Aerial camera repair/replacement is an ITS specialty. We have performed countless aerial camera replacements, some at heights greater than 90 feet. ITS also has pole lowering capabilities to reach cameras fixed to said poles. We work with both the States analog and digital type cameras and systems. We have installed complete Solar Powered Remote PTZ camera systems.

DMS (Dynamic Messaging Signs)

ITS has been instrumental in repairs and site maintenance of DMS across the state. DMS play a pivotal role in alerting the public to changing road and weather conditions as well as national news advisories, such as Amber Alerts. Repair or replacement of the internal components, pixel test, functionality test, reestablishing communication and general site/sign maintenance are a few of the methods we use to insure that these signs stay in operational readiness.

Vehicle Detection Systems

Vehicle detection (VD) systems are comprised of multiple technologies that work to count, classify, preempt, and determine occupancy and travel times. ITS LLC is key in keeping the units communicating properly, VD modules calibrated, and maintaining clean power at every site. ITS LLC has extensive experience working with an array of vehicle detection devices including: Image Sensing System’s RTMS, Econolite’s DCMS, Wavetronix’s SmartSensors and TrafficCast’s BlueTOAD. Our team has thousands of combined hours of experience with these devices used by state DOTs and have provided turnkey installations. In addition, we have made countless repairs to AC powered sites, DC powered sites, and locations that are co-mingled with other ITS devices.

Fiber Optic Systems

Our fiber optics experience includes installation and troubleshooting, with an on-staff team of certified fiber splicers. We have our own fiber fusion splicer OTDR, Power Meters, Laser Light Sources and an assortment of fiber splicing and cleaning products.

Our team can also locate problems and perform fiber optic maintenance within a fiber system. We have restored fiber outages and rerouted fiber in order to achieve more efficiency in the local system and to integrate with the overall statewide network.

We have made fiber system repairs for Louisiana DOTD. We trace, triage and repair the failure point of the system utilizing our training and specialized equipment.

Back-up Systems

ITS has performed repairs on back-up systems from manufacturers such as Minuteman, APC, Tripp Lite, Alpha and Peek, just to name a few. We are familiar with network backup systems which utilize network cards for remote operations and selective resets.

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